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Do you need to do some swapping on Mantle Network? You have many options, but here are two of them:



Butter is a new decentralized exchange built on the mantle network. It offers many defi features and is currently offering points and rewards for users (for a limited time). It has an interesting and interactive way of distributing rewards such as a fishing simulation.

Swapping on the platform is straightforward and besides earning points, you can earn a fishing attempt:

When you click on the fishing attempt, you get redirected to the animation where you can initiate the fishing attempt:

The first crate was empty but we got 1$MNT staked with the second attempt. The more swapping you do, the more fishing attempts you might obtain.

The catch is that you need at least 10 MNT to be able to unstake:


The fees of the platform are relatively low, however we noticed that the fees in the final transaction was much higher than what’s indicated in the dapp or in metamask.

Here’s an example, we swap from USDT to USDC, our balance is 15.39 MNT and we have 4 points. In all the screens and in metamask, it shows very low fees:

However after completion, we have 11 points and our balance is 15.15 MNT, so we used 0.24 MNT in fees. Even in metamask in the transaction history, the values are wrong.

In mantle explorer it takes a lot of time for the transaction to appear, so we used another explorer where we can see that the transaction fee was in fact 0.24 . So we just believe there’s a display error somewhere or that the transaction fee estimation is not working properly.

So keep this is mind while interacting with the mantle network.