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In this article we will go over the fees for bridging your assets from one L2 chain to another. We will use the owlto bridge, which is offering a discount for now.

We will transfer some USDC from Mantle to Scroll networks. Using owlto is straightforward, you select the asset you want to transfer and choose the source and destination chain:

On the next step you can verify the details:

We can see that the bridge fee if free for now, but there’s a destination cost of 1.5 USDC.

Once we Confirm and send, we have to pay the gas fees on the Mantle network in MNT:

Don’t rely on the values shown in metamask for now because the final gas fee will be much higher. Probably there’s a UI error or the real price of MNT in metamask is not accurate. Also, metamask shows the gas price on L2, but does not show the actual transaction fee.

Once the transaction is complete, owlto provides us with the transaction links on the mantle scanner and scroll scanner. We can check the details over there to get the exact fees:

On Mantle:

On Scroll:

So in total here’s how much it costs:

0.1287 MNT

1.5 USDC

0.0001437 ETH

At today’s price it’s around 1.99 $ in total fees. It’s acceptable for the amount transferred, but if we want to transfer a smaller amount, the fee is roughly the same, so you will have to see if it’s worth it. In the future, the platform will start charging a bridging fee so that’s something to consider too. Also we have to take notice that these fees will vary depending on each network’s congestion.