Select Page offers an interesting tool that helps you determine your potential eligibility for an airdrop from the new layer2 networks.

On the site, you can click on “Trackers”, select the network and input your address.

Based on your transaction history on that chain, Rhino will give you a score and you have the possibility to run a simulation. While a good score does not guarantee and airdrop, it will let you know what interactions with the platform you can do to better your chances.

Besides this functionality, Rhino offers a bridge with reasonable fees. In the following example, it would cost 1.7 USDC to bridge from Scroll to ZkSync Era:

You can also check our article about owlto for other bridging possibilities.

Other interesting platform for checking your level:

rubyscore displays the level you reached for each network and lets you claim level NFTs that will help you generate more transactions and level up.

netlify gives you a comprehensive summary of your status based on previous airdrops.