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MerchantMoe is developed by the same team as TraderJoe, the popular dex on Avalanche. It has a similar UI and gives us many options between swapping, staking and farming:

It’s very straightforward to SWAP on the platform, here’s an example of swapping USDC to JOE, the utility token of traderJOE:

Don’t rely on the transaction fees that appear in metamask:

The fees were higher once completed. Almost 0.18 to Approve Spend and 0.18 to swap.

Moe also offers you the possibility of farming with many available pools.

There’s also a bridge to transfer your JOE tokens between the different chains (Arbitrum, Mantle, Avalanche and BNB). However it should be expensive to use.

You can check Butter, another leading platform on Mantle.