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In our last article, we talked about Rainbow wallet, which is a good alternative to metamask. In this article, we will talk about Rabby wallet, another solid alternative to metamask.

Rabby wallet is an open source crypto wallet built by DeBank. DeBank is a Web3 messenger that lets you send and receive messages to a Web3 address. Debank offers a powerful dashboard that gives you a summary of your assets and investments. You will be able to find all the liquidity pools that you contributed to on many chains. That is very helpful in case we lost track to which pools and protocols we have already deposited to. DeBank also flags the scam transactions in your transaction history. We can’t prevent our wallet from receiving scam transactions for now, so it’s very important to understand them and not to fall to the promising scam NFT we keep receiving:

Rabby wallet offers a seamless multi-chain experience for DeFi users. It uses a pre-transaction potential risk scanning to prevent you of any risk and before you sign a transaction, the balance change will be displayed.

Rabby offers a points system that rewards users for different actions like swapping through the wallet. You can use this code RBYPOINTS to boost your points.

Once you install the wallet, you can connect your hardware wallet, create a new wallet or import an existing one. After the initial setup, you can claim your rabby badge from debank by clicking on the More icon:

And claim your badge:

There are a few steps to complete, essentially making a swap transaction:

Once completed, you can claim DeBank testnet tokens: