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We are surfing the Web hunting for the latest airdrop. A link somewhere says that we are eligible, but we have only a few hours to claim. We rush to the link and connect our wallet… then we get a bit suspicious but it’s already too late.

Scammers are getting very innovative in luring us into traps. We have to be extremely careful where we connect our wallet. Even if the link comes from a trusted source, we still have to double check everything.

We should never sign a transaction that we don’t understand, however most of the time the transactions are not human readable.

Thankfully there are some tools that can identify scams and wallet drainers before they interact with your wallet. Check walletguard, in one click you can scan for risks including approvals, hacks, honeypots & more.

Again, as a good practice, you should do your own research even before using walletguard.

And don’t forget rule #1 regarding your wallet: Never share your secret phrase with anyone.